An Utterly Inspiring Public Display of Affection

Dear Mr. Justineau, Mr. Molnar, and Mrs. Tenpenny:

Apparently we’re still quite formal over here in the post greetings, but knowing others have noticed and complimented as much, it persists.

In the meantime, I’ve switched careers and am now a full time software developer, since my last post – still with Red Hat, but now I work on the The Cloud.  Specifically, RDO-Manager.  Red Hat’s version of the TripleO Project. And I love it.

But my thoughts are still artistic, still creative, still thinking over lovely projects that could be and appreciating those that are. For example.

And I couldn’t resist sharing because damn. That is an exquisite kiss. A perfect public display of affection. An excellent chance pairing of two ships passing in the night.

I hope you’re as inspired as I am.

About Mrs. Leander

Dancing Engineer. Fierce Woman. Helping others help themselves. Believes the quality of baked goods is measurable by how much icing they can shovel into her face. View all posts by Mrs. Leander

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