Cosmos Raining.

1996 is 20 years ago (or: I’m so happy to be an adult)

Scantish: Expat Life in Groningen

I’ve never really understood people who look back on their early teenage years with longing. The social awkwardness experienced in that period is best left behind if you ask me. Yet, 1996, the year I was (mostly) 14, keeps reminding me of its existence this weekend, and I thought I would try to revisit.

It started Saturday morning when I woke up after another drab week at work telling my South African that I haven’t really been this happy to have a weekend since I was in 8th grade, a year (1995-96) in which I spent a good proportion of school lunch breaks (why were they 50 minutes long?) locked in the bathroom because I would rather be on my own than hang out with other 14-year-olds. When I said it out loud, probably for the first time ever, I realised how sad that was. I never had a truly horrible time in school, and I’ve also kept…

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You Can Change The World

Dear Mr. Molnar, Mr. Justineau, and Mrs. Tenpenny:

This is relevant to our interests.


I look forward to more.

Making Art Full Time

Dear Mr. Justineau, Mrs. Leander, and Mrs. Tenpenny:

A year ago I left my job in restaurants in order to pursue a lifelong goal — making art full time. Progress has been slow, but I set up a bare bones studio where I built my first window. This week I began construction on an architectural piece for a public space. The name and concept are secret, even from me, but this highly anticipated restaurant will grace the new Krog Street Market development in Atlanta’s Inman Park neighborhood.

I’ve learned a lot as a craftsman in the past year and I plan to reinvest in other traditional mediums such as charcoal, painting and sculpture.

TC Scales

A Most Magical Creature

Another gem of inspiration. From a cat. And his artist.

Scantish: Expat Life in Groningen

I have to write this post for I have seen the most intriguing creature known to man. Let me tell you how this meeting came to be.

We were introduced by one of my sister’s friends, a 72 year old tagger and grafitti artist who lives in the depths of a Norwegian fjord. She is herself an inspiring person who has led an interesting life. During one of our conversations this summer she told me about how she had once managed to buy a painting she was sure was by Cocteau.

You know who Cocteau is, right?

she asked me. To which I obviously answered

Yes, of Cocteau Twins?

She was kind enough to just answer yes, and leave it at that. I was hopeless, not only could I not remember the name of a single Cocteau Twins song, I was also totally misinformed about Jean Cocteau and his artistic greatness! I…

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An Utterly Inspiring Public Display of Affection

Dear Mr. Justineau, Mr. Molnar, and Mrs. Tenpenny:

Apparently we’re still quite formal over here in the post greetings, but knowing others have noticed and complimented as much, it persists.

In the meantime, I’ve switched careers and am now a full time software developer, since my last post – still with Red Hat, but now I work on the The Cloud.  Specifically, RDO-Manager.  Red Hat’s version of the TripleO Project. And I love it.

But my thoughts are still artistic, still creative, still thinking over lovely projects that could be and appreciating those that are. For example.

And I couldn’t resist sharing because damn. That is an exquisite kiss. A perfect public display of affection. An excellent chance pairing of two ships passing in the night.

I hope you’re as inspired as I am.

Several Years Later

Dear Mr. Justineau, Mr. Molnar, and Mrs. Tenpenny:

Where are we? Scattered across the pond and looking for work, all of us.

While I believe this blog was started with the intention to create ART I propose that code is art. Further while I will keep the majority of my writing on I may drop the (ironically) less formal tidbit over here.

At the moment I’m learning python via and mongodb via and django via tutorial.djangogirls and ruby on rails via – it’s a lot but I agree with Mr. Shaw (previous post) who asserts that in order to become a programmer, one must learn the basics of four languages.  After a six year pause, it’s time to get back to the grindstone.

I’d love to hear how your artistic endeavors are going – do keep in touch.

Early vs. Beginning Coders

“An early programmer is different from a beginner because they have the basic skills understood, but have a hard time applying them to problems.”

To Mix it UP a Bit

Dear Mr. Justineau and Mr. Molnar:

I realize it’s breaking the code a bit, but I’ve invited a fourth artist, Mrs. Tenpenny, to join the mix.  And, frankly, maybe she’ll push us to get moving in our creations.

No pressure, Mrs. Tenpenny.

I challenge all four of us to write a manifesto for this project – our goals for the next week, the next month, the next year.  Yes, this seems overwhelming and daunting and all those other big words.


I challenge you to not backspace.  To meditate on it for a week.  Seven days. Percolating in the back of your skull space.

Then write.

For a set period of time.  Five, ten, twenty minutes – it doesn’t matter how long, but time it.  Maybe you even sit down for three five minute spans over three weeks.

But write.

No editing.

And post.  On drie artists.

Baby Steps

Dear Mr. Justineau and Mr. Molnar:

I see you’ve both successfully registered as admins for this blog – let’s get moving!  Feel free to update your respective pages, but also update the blog with an inspiration from your own or another artistic medium.

Also, follow the blog so you’ll receive an email notification if one of us updates.

In the meantime, have an incredible holiday weekend and I look forward to continuing this with you both in the new year!